• Which motorcycle/s is Expedition Saddlebags compatible with?

    The Expedition Saddlebags are purpose-built for use on motorcycles with a horizontal silencer, with their cuboid shape optimising the maximum available space.

    We do not recommend using the Expedition Saddlebags on motorcycles with an upswept silencer.

    We highly recommend using a saddle stay with all our saddlebags. This will help in keeping the saddlebags away from the silencer and the rear tire, and will ensure a zero displacement fit. Do make sure that after mounting, the bottom of the bags is not in the way of the exhaust fumes coming out of the silencer.
  • Can a pillion ride with me when the Expedition Saddlebags are mounted on the motorcycle?
    The Expedition Saddlebags are designed in a way that a pillion can sit on the motorcycle while the saddlebags are mounted. Ideally, saddlebags that are correctly mounted on a saddle stay do not interfere with the footpeg placement of the motorcycle.
  • Can a laptop fit inside the Expedition Saddlebags?
    Do take a look at the dimensions of the Expedition Saddlebags mentioned on our product page. The ‘Product Dimensions’ button is in the size selection section. If you must keep your laptop in the saddlebags, then we highly recommend you first insert the laptop in a padded sleeve and then keep the laptop in the main compartment of the saddlebag on the very inside edge, as close as possible to the rear tyre.

    Please Note: We do not recommend riding with a laptop in a saddlebag mounted on a motorcycle.
  • Does Rynox ship internationally?
    Yes, we do ship internationally. All customers, irrespective of which country they’re from, pay the same price for all our products. The only difference for international shipments is that the shipping fees are charged on actuals. Please note that there might be separate import taxes that the customer may need to pay upon the arrival of the shipment in the destination country.

    Follow these steps to place an international order on our website:

    - We recommended creating an account on rynoxgears.com and signing in for seamless support and updates. However, you can place an order as a guest, without signing in.
    - Add the desired product/s. Proceed to check the cart.

    - Verify the colour, size and quantity of the products in your cart. Proceed to checkout.

    - Select your country, enter your shipping address and your mobile phone number. Proceed to ship.

    - The total amount to be paid is auto fetched. It includes the MRP of selected products and international shipping fees in USD. Proceed to payment. - Select Razorpay as the payment method. Select billing address. Proceed to complete the order.

    - Scroll down to see Wallet options and select PayPal as your wallet. Proceed to pay.

    - Log in to PayPal and complete the payment.
    In case you have any questions or need further assistance, you can contact our customer support team click here.

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