Product Highlights

Product Highlight

Up to 3L Hydration Bladder Compatible

Seamless compatibility with up to a 3L hydration bladder (sold separately)
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  • Hydration Freedom: Designed to accommodate up to a 3L hydration bladder, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout your ride.
  • Secure Fit: Crafted for a secure fit, ensuring no movement during your activities, letting you focus on the adventure, not your gear.
  • Streamlined Design: Compact and versatile, efficiently organize essentials without compromising style in this sleek, durable backpack.

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Product Highlight

BackTrack Adjustable Harness Technology

Personalize the fit with small to large adjustments
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  • BackTrack Adjustable Harness Technology, a G-hooks system allows easy adjustment of backpack straps from small to large, distributing weight effectively from the shoulders to the chest and body for all-day riding comfort.
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Product Highlight

HD Foam

HD Foam back panels for added comfort
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  • Drain holes in the Navigator Hydration Backpack serve to manage moisture, prevent mould, aid in cleaning, and facilitate ventilation. They allow quick drainage of accidental spills and contribute to overall hygiene, ensuring a fresh and functional backpack for every adventure.
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Product Highlight

Insulation Pouch

Keep water cool or warm for a longer period in the insulated pouch
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The Insulation pouch is built from a foam layer featuring a thermal reflective liner. This innovative design regulates the temperature of water, keeping it cool in hot weather and preventing freezing in colder conditions. Additionally, insulation extends the duration for which water remains at an optimal temperature. The insulated bag increases comfort and convenience during your adventures.

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Product Highlight

600D Cordura

Supreme abrasion resistance for reliable durability
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  • Built to last, the original 600D Cordura fabric has proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments. The Cordura fabric is highly durable and resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. 
  • The Navigator Hydration Backpack is equipped with 600D Cordura panels with PU coating. This makes the Navigator Hydration Backpack virtually indestructible.

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Product Highlight

Stash Pocket

Quick-access stash pocket for on-the-go essentials.
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  • Effortless Access: Equipped with a quick-access stash pocket for on-the-go essentials. The dynamic Stash Elastic Cord offers versatile storage, adapting to your needs—from compressing loads to facilitating swift access.
  • Hypalon Fabric: Renowned for its durability and resistance, the Hypalon fabric ensures your backpack can withstand the rigors of any adventure. From abrasions to harsh weather conditions, your gear remains protected.

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Product Details

    • Cargo Volume: 4 Ltr capacity for all your essentials. Compatible with a hydration bladder of up to 3L for on-the-go hydration (To Be Sold Separately)
    • Stash Elastic Cord: Versatile storage, load compression, and quick access.
    • Vioo Clip: Clip-on visibility for outdoor adventures
    • 3 Drainage Eyelets:  Ensure water drains out, keeping your gear dry
    • Easy Access: Wide top-loading U-shaped zippered access to the main compartment.
    • Multiple Pockets: 2 external pockets and 1 internal stash pocket for organised storage
    • Internal Organizer Layout: Effortless organisation for your belongings

    • BackTrack Adjustable Harness Technology: Customise the fit with small, medium,and large adjustments
    • Sternum Lock: Chest lock for effective load distribution 
    • Waist strap: Additional support and zero - displacement 


    • 600D Cordura Panels:  Robust and durable construction for longevity
    • Outer Shell: Highly durable polyester shell with PU coating resistant to abrasion, tears, and scuffs
    • Duraflex Hose Keeper: Secure and convenient hose management
    • Duraflex Rotable Buckle:: redistributes weight from the shoulders to the chest and body, ensuring comfort for extended periods of riding
    • Shape Retention: Semi-rigid panels contribute to shape retention, ensuring stability on your back
    • Increased Visibility: Retro-reflective trims for increased visibility in low-light conditions
    • Genuine YKK: Zippers and buckles for reliable and robust performance

  • What’s Included
    • Hydration Backpack (1 Unit)
    • Insulation Pouch (1 Unit)

  • Read before Use
    • Hydration System Compatibility: Ensure your hydration bladder fits securely.
    • Check Fastenings: Verify all buckles, zippers, and straps are securely fastened.
    • Adjustable Harness: Tailor the fit using the Gack Track Adjustable Harness.
    • MOLLE Attachments: Attach accessories to the HYPALON MOLLE PANEL.
    • Visibility Enhancement: Activate VIOO CLIP for increased visibility.
    • Stash Elastic Cord:  Explore quick access, load compression, and storage.
    • Care and Maintenance: Wipe surfaces, keep zippers clean, and store in a cool, dry place.

  • Warranty
    • The Navigator Hydration Backpack has a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase/delivery
    • Retro-reflective panels and trims are not covered under the warranty
    • To know the warranty policy of Rynox in detail, click here
  • Exchange Or Refund
    • The Navigator Hydration Backpack can be returned or exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase/delivery.
    • To know the refund policy of Rynox in detail, click here
    • To know the product/color/size exchange policy of Rynox in detail, click here

  • Wash & Care

    Step 1 - Prep

    Undo all zippers, velcro, straps and buckles

    Separate all detachable drybag/s and/or layers (wash each drybag/layer separately)

    Shake off any surface dirt

    Use a soft brush if required

    Wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth

    Step 2 - Which Detergent?

    Use (in order of preference)

    Purpose-made tech-wash

    Neutral unscented liquid detergent

    Woollen liquid detergent

    Baby shampoo

    Completely Avoid

    Any type of granular powder detergent

    Any type of heavily scented liquid detergent

    Any type of fabric softener or bleach

    Step 3 - Soak

    Dissolve 1 to 2 caps of detergent in a bucket of water, per unit of luggage

    Soak for at least 30 minutes

    Avoid hot water. Test with the back of your hand. If it's too hot for your hand, it's too hot for your luggage.

    Step 4 - Wash and Rinse

    Agitate and scrub within your hands, inside and outside.

    Focus on spots with grease and grime

    Repeat until clean

    Rinse multiple times until free of detergent

    Avoid using hard, abrasive brushes. Use a soft brush if required.

    Step 5 – Drip Dry

    Drip dry. Place upside-down to let water drip out.

    Once dry on the outside, turn the bag inside out and let it dry

    Do not machine dry. Do not use a hair dryer or any type of heater during the drying process.

    Do not be exposed to direct sunlight.

    Step 6 - Storage

    Store in a cool dry ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.

    Do not store while damp. Dry completely before storage.

    Clean thoroughly before long-term storage

  • Legal Metrological Compliances
    • Name of the Commodity: Motorcycle Luggage
    • Manufactured/Imported By: Rynox Gears, Prithvi Complex, Building No. B3, Gala No. 104-110, 1st Floor, Kalher, Bhiwandi, Thane, Maharashtra, India 421302
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Price, wherever mentioned, is MRP and inclusive of all taxes
    • For customer complaints and support, click here to contact our customer support manager
    • Customer Care Contact: 07795688316
    • Email Id:

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