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Has your gear or luggage been damaged in use? Want to know if your product can be safely repaired? Fill in and submit this form.

At the time of submitting the form, you will need to share with us images of the product, clearly showing the affected area. We will assess the feasibility of repair based on the images shared by you. The objective of this assessment is to determine if the product can be safely repaired without compromising the structural integrity of the product.

If deemed feasible, we will repair the product to the best of our abilities, using the same processes and strict quality control measures we deploy for manufacturing our products. As motorcyclists ourselves, we understand the practical and emotional value of gear. Through our paid repair program, we aim to help you continue using your gear as long as safely possible.


Repairable Products:

  • In the case we determine that it is feasible to repair the product based on the images shared by you, you are required to ship the product to us on the address that we will provide. The cost of returning the goods will be borne by you. Rynox will not be responsible for any damage, delay or loss of the product in transit from the customer’s address to our central warehousing facility.
  • Once the product has been delivered to our facility and verified against the images shared by you earlier, we will physically reassess the feasibility of repair. Based on this physical inspection, if we determine the product is not repairable, we will convey the same to you via email and ship the product back to you.
  • If the product is repairable, we will share the cost estimate with you. This estimate will include the cost of labour, materials and shipping. We do not make a profit on the paid repair program, and will charge you only for the costs incurred. The actual repair can begin only after you accept the estimate, make the payment and share the payment acknowledgement with us.
  • In case the repaired product is still under warranty, and is accepted for repair; the warranty will no longer be applicable on the area/part/panel that has been repaired.


Non-Repairable Products:

  • Based on the images shared by you, if we determine that the product can not be safely repaired, we will convey the same to you via email.
  • In this case, the structural integrity of the product has been compromised and it is no longer advisable to continue safely using the product.
  • We will also strongly advise you not to get the product repaired from anywhere else. Any such unauthorised repair/modification/alteration to the product will void the warranty.



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